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Jan 1, 2013

How to avoid trips, slips and falls in your home

How to avoid trips, slips and falls in your home.

Most home accidents are related to slipping or falling this can be minimised by mopping up spilt liquids immediately.

Kitchens and bathrooms are particular bad due to the amount of water around. Try putting a nonslip bathmat down in the bathroom, this will soak up water as your leaving the bath or shower. If you are having new flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, think about non slip options such as lino. Lino can also be a lot warmer and softer under foot. It now comes in hundreds of colour options and can easily mimic tiles or wood.

You can also fit non slips mats in shower cubicles and baths these are of particular benefit to the elderly as they are more prone to slipping. Grab rails can be fitted in bathrooms or you can purchase what is called a Doc M pack from local plumbing merchants. These contain rails and toilets that are specifically designed for elderly and disabled people to help them getting on and off the toilet. Always have the correct set of ladders or step ups relevant to the job in your home as a lot of accidents are caused from people climbing on to kitchen work tops to reach on top of cupboards. These accidents can be avoided by using the correct equipment and always have someone there holding the ladders to stop them moving.

Lighting is very important in your home. So make sure you have security lights outside on sensors called PIR’s. These will light up as you walk towards them, highlighting any trip or fall hazards on garden paths or steps you may have leading to your property.

If you have small children stair gates can be an excellent way to prevent them from coming to harm on stairs. It can only take a small amount of time for a child to get up the stairs and fall. Remember if possible try to fit these at the top and bottom of the staircase. Loose rugs are a hazard in the home especially when they are laid over slippery floors such as laminate, wood or tiles. Try to secure these in place by adding a nonslip backing some rugs can be bought with these already on. If not try Velcro pads these can be attached to the floor and to the rug so it can be removed to clean and then stuck back down.

Secure wardrobes and shelving to the walls correctly. Try walking round your home now and see how many free standing units and wardrobes are not secured to the wall at the top as they should be. These can easily topple over if overloaded or heavy items are stored at the top or if you grab hold of them whilst trying to reach for something at the top.

If you have small children try rounding of the sharp edges of shelves and units although this can be difficult sometimes. Another alternative could be using pipe lagging that is available from DIY shops and plumbing merchants. It can be clipped over sharp edges just as you would do a pipe.