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Aug 6, 2012

How to lay an artificial lawn


What you may need to install your artificial grass:

1. Start by carefully planning the area where your thinking of installing your new artificial lawn. Bear in mind that most suppliers offer 2m and 4m wide rolls.
2. You can now start excavating and levelling the area where you wish to lay you lawn.
3. You will need excavate to a depth of 100mm depending on ground conditions.
4. Once the area has been excavated you can put down a layer of a geo textile weed membrane.

weed membrane

5. Now you can fit your 100mm x 50mm tanalised timber frame in to the ground. If you are wanting to have curves then you can use 25mm x 50mm pegs knocked into the ground vertically.
6. When the frame work is in place you can fill this with 75mm of compacted sub base we always use a type 1 limestone. Once spread and levelled use a compactor plate to compact the limestone.
7. On top of the sub base you then spread 25mm of grit sand, level and compact.

8. Now you should be level with the top of the timber frame. Attach another layer of geo textile weed membrane and secure to the frame with clout nails or staples.

9. Finally you lay out your Artificial grass. It may be best to let it settle and let any creases come out for a couple of hours.

artificial lawn

10. For the final part you will need a really sharp stanley knife to cut the artificial grass to size.
11. Once it's cut to size and in position it just needs fastening down using some 75-100mm nails