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Jan 9, 2012

What to familiarise yourself with when moving in to a new property.

Before starting any DIY Project yourself make sure you have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). The most common PPE that are needed are safety goggles, dust mask, Gloves and steel toe cap boots. It is essential to wear these at all times to protect yourself from injury as you never know when accidents may occur.

When moving in to a new property familiarise yourself with a few basics;

  1. Where is the water stop tap – it’s usually in the kitchen base units, under the stairs or in the cellar. There will also be one outside the property on the drive or pavement if you are unable to find the internal one. If you are struggling to find the external stop tap you can usually call your water supplier and they will come out and find it. Now in the event of a leak you will be able to isolate it quickly so it will cause minimal damage. You can then contact RB Building and Landscaping Sheffield on 07596 493021 to fix the leak.
  2. Where is the fuse board - The fuse board will be located inside your home or on an outside wall located in a purpose made housing. If it’s located inside it may be in a garage, under the stairs or in the cellar. It will either be an old style fuse board made from brown Bakelite or a new style one usually an off white colour and made from metal or plastic. The old style boards have a large plug in fuse that needs to be wired with a new piece of wire filament should it blow. The new style boards have a simple breaker with a toggle on that can be simply flicked back up should they be triggered by a blown light bulb etc. If your fuse board will not reset and allow the power to come back on there is a constant fault and not just a blown bulb and you are better off calling RB Building and Landscaping Sheffield on 07596 493021 for a qualified electrician.